We are a small company based in the UK, not too far from the heart of England (the Midlands) and are passionate about all things engineering. Most of us are engineers with qualification and experience in Electronics, Software and a bit of Mechanical Engineering thrown in! We also work with some of our partners for work such as IC Design and Layout services.

Being small allows us to be flexible and agile about the type of work we can do and also give our complete focus to the job at hand. We like challenges and solving problems while also keeping things simple. Whether it is a User Interface, Control System or IC design we work with the customers to thoroughly understand their requirements and deliver a tested and working solution.


Our mission is to give our clients a competitive edge by timely implementation of advanced systems and solutions.

We develop and support all our solutions using cutting-edge technology. With the utmost quality and consistency, we make technology an asset for our clients through unique, individualised solutions.

Why Multics Ltd?

We're here for you
We understand the value of time in business, and we value yours. Whether your needs are proactive or you have an unexpected issue, we are available to assist you.
We strive to be the best
We offer a variety of services and strive to be the best in customer service, knowledge, teamwork, and communication. We guarantee our work, and stand behind every decision we make.
Highly skilled and Experienced engineers.
Our Engineers are highly skilled in multiple disciplines and can help out with any of your system engineering needs.
Industry standard certifications
Our engineers come with industry leading certifications from National Instruments and we are proud to have one of the few dual architects in the UK.
Exposure to a wide variety of Industries
Aerospace, Defence, Medical, Printing, Automotive, Semiconductor, Oil & Gas, Academia.
Cost effective solutions
Our experience in wide ranging projects enables us to provide our customers cost effective solutions. We also have alliance partnerships with OEMs which often results in discounted products for the end customer.
International Exposure
Our projects have taken us to three different continents and numerous countries. We have the ability to work with different working and geographical cultures.

Our Client Testimonials

  • The consultant has done an excellent job in a complex environment. He has cooperated well with our co-workers and was able to exceed the goal for his work. He is highly qualified and has several years of experience in LabVIEW development. I can highly recommend him and would contract him again any time.

    CTO, Medical Devices Firm, Munich

    The Engineer was very capable programmer and a great guy to work with. He brought a lot of knowledge to the team and was happy to share his knowledge with others. His code is well documented and well structured. He is always keen to move forward and find the best way of doing things. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend him.

    Team Lead, NI Alliance Partner
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